Pelini “Happy to get the Win”

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Nebraska Football
Postgame Quotes vs. Minnesota
Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012
Memorial Stadium (Lincoln, Neb.)

Nebraska Head Coach Bo Pelini

Opening Statement
“Happy to get the win. I thought it was pretty good effort by our team in all regards, pretty complete effort. I thought our kids came out and played hard and did some really good things. Obviously some things to clean up; now the challenge is going to be to come back in a short week and be ready to go on the road and put ourselves in position to finish off the second half of the year the way we want to.”

On why the passing game worked so well despite adverse conditions

“I thought Tim (Beck) did a good job. There were certain things there. I thought Taylor (Martinez) got us in and out of some plays, recognized some things. I thought we just executed well in the passing game. We had some looks and certain things we had to go to, and obviously having a veteran quarterback that can get us into the right play helps.”

On how quarterback Taylor Martinez has progressed this season on getting into the right plays
“I think he's played at a pretty high level all year. When he's really comfortable with the game plan–which I think he was today–and really has a good understanding of what we're trying to do. I thought he executed really well.”

On wide receivers Kenny Bell, Quincy Enunwa and Jamal Turner making plays
“Oh yeah, they're good players. I think Quincy and Kenny have been doing it now for a couple of years; Jamal is really developing and he's really starting to grow into the position. The beautiful thing is, I think there's still a lot more out there. There's still a lot more things he's going to get better at, and that's going to come with experience.”

On the defense's performance
“I thought we played really well defensively. I don't know what the numbers were, but up through three quarters when we started subbing, I thought we had played pretty well and executed well.”

On running out of the tunnel with Tom Osborne and whose idea it was
“I asked Coach to do it. He was reluctant to do it, and I thought it was the way it should be. I told him it'd mean a lot to me and to the football team and that it's the way I think it should be. Not just for us, but I think the fans wanted to see him walk out of there one last time. I think it's obvious why that should happen.”

On having a mental break from a late-game comeback
“I enjoyed it. It seemed like that second half lasted about three years though. That might have been the longest fourth quarter I've ever been a part of. Maybe it was just me because of the situation, but that clock…if there had been one more TV timeout I think I might have just taken it to the house.”

On how close running back Rex Burkhead was to playing today
“Rex could've played today, but we chose not to do it. We think another week's going to help; every day is going to help him. We'll see how it is come Friday. I know you guys are probably sick of getting that answer from me, but when the time's right, you'll see him. When he isn't feeling a thing.”

On the challenges of a short week
“Get your work done and get ready to go. They're going to be on a short week too, and like I told the coaches, you have to get everything covered in a three-day span. You can do it, it's just going to require a little bit greater attention to detail all through our practice schedule. We'll get ready.”

On his emotions while greeting the seniors for Senior Day

“Special group of guys. They mean a lot to me–each and every one of them.”