Pelini not happy about “Beat Texas” phrase

Nebraska coach Bo Pelini said he “wasn't real happy'' about the phrase “Beat Texas'' being used in a school-produced video promoting the Oct. 16 home game against the longhorns as the annual “Red Out'' game.

Tensions will be high that Saturday in Lincoln, Nebraska because the Cornhuskers lost to the Longhorns on a game-ending field goal in the Big 12 Championship game when officials added 1 second after the clock expired.

The Texas reference has since been removed, and Pelini and the players who joined him for media day spent most of their time reminding everyone that Nebraska plays five games before Texas comes to town. 

“We have a lot of things to do before we even consider Texas or worry about that football game,'' said Pelini, who said he was unaware of the video when first asked about it because he was on vacation.

The players said the dramatic finish against Texas made it easy to come up with an off season theme: finish.  “We're not pinpointing Texas, but just to come up one second short means that we didn't finish the game ourselves,'' said defensive end Pierre Allen.  “Everything we did this summer, whether it was running or lifting, everything we did was finishing.''