People and Animals Beat the Heat

By: RAchael Witter

It's the dog days of summer. Temperatures in the 90s send most people out to the pool!
Star City Shores was packed with kids trying to keep cool while having fun. A crowd favorite?The water slides.

“They're really fun and really slippery.”

“The little red one you just hit water at the end. The big ones go really fast.”

“going down slides you just get to scream!”

“when you get to the bottom, water splashes.”

“you can actually do 'the bat', it's where you do this and you go underwater.”

“they're just really fast.” said kids we talked to.

They also said “100 degree heat? no problem”.

“I like going in this area and playing with my brothers.”
“I just like being in the water and having fun.”
“you get to meet new friends and play.”

If it weren't for the relief at star city shores…Kids might be doing something different.
“sitting inside being bored.”

But it's not just two legged things trying to stay cool… Animals at the zoo have unique frozen treats to beat the heat.
“River otters enjoy fishsicles. Most kids enjoy popsicles, but here we have fishsicles and probably the biggest predators we have here at the zoo, leopards we keep them cool…we provide them with bloodsicles.” said John Chapo of the Lincoln Children's Zoo.