People Rush to Get Their Holiday Packages Mailed

Just a week to go before Christmas day– and the mailing marathon has begun! Monday is the busiest day of the year at the post office. The postal service expects a holiday blizzard of 20 billion pieces of mail this season. And if you haven't mailed your gifts yet– postal officials want to let you know how to get them to their final destinations on time.

Post office officials say this year is definitely busier than last year after the post 9-11 scare. So it could be even more difficult to get your packages in the mail.

Here are some tips to make your trip to the post office a little easier. Don't go over the noon hour. Try mid-morning or afternoon. Have everything clearly marked and sealed. Plus, try to decide if you want to insure your package before you get up to the counter. And if you don't want to go inside and just want to drop it off at the box, there are still rules to ensure you loved one receive their gifts. If the package weighs 16 ounces or more it does have to be brought into one of the postal service locations because of FAA regulations.