People’s City Mission celebrates Christmas

        Hundreds gathered at the People’s City Mission Christmas morning to receive a warm meal and a bit of holiday cheer. More than a dozen volunteers served residents and guests a special holiday meal to make residents feel more at home.

        "We do try to make it as homey as possible. The public is great about donating things and volunteering and making sure that they have a place to call home so to speak,” said Eric Matty the director for the Curtis Center.

        Area businesses and families in the community sponsored families in shelter so everyone was able to celebrate Christmas, which Matty says provides kids with a sense of normalcy.

        "Christmas is about kids so it’s good to provide them with a sense of stability like that too,” Matty said.

        While holidays at the mission aren’t quite the same as being with family, Matty says they work hard to make sure residents know that they matter, "It’s just important, especially with the transient nature of some of the folks here just to have them feel for a little bit of time that maybe there’s some home here.”