People’s City Mission help people keep cool in extreme temps

By: Megan Palera

So far the Mission has not had to turn anyone away and they hope to keep it that way because temperatures like Wednesday's can be deadly for those without shelter.

Some water and shade are helping Ave and Maria to keep cool. The two women have been staying at the People's City Mission for some time now and are even more thankful for its services on these hot summer days.

“They help you a lot with whatever you need. They try to do their best,” said Maria.

Like the other 300 plus people staying at the Mission, there's no where else for them to go. Already over maximum capacity, the Mission pulls out extra cots and blankets to make room for more.

“Oh, I'm guessing at least 20 guys tonight extra that'll be here,” said Pastor Tom Barber with the People's City Mission.

Triple digit temperatures are always a concern for the Mission. Trying to keep people hydrated is also a concern. “Right now we're in real need of water so we could use some of those cases,” said Pastor Barber.

Food costs go up and so do utilities increasing 15 to 20 percent during extreme hot or cold days. But the Mission and the people know how vital it is to the community. “I'm 54 but some of these older people, it's saving their lives. They would die if they had to hang out in this,” said Dan who's staying at the Mission.

If people don't want to stay at the Mission overnight, they're still invited inside for some warm food and air conditioning. The Red Cross is setting up a cooling station Thursday at the 'F' Street and Belmont Rec Centers until 9 p.m.