People’s City Mission needs help as temps rise

Over at the People's City Mission-they're over capacity and need your help. The Mission is 30 percent over capacity with more people coming to the facilities to beat the heat. They're also going through a large amount of water everyday and are worried they won't have the supplies to keep up. Those staying at the facility say they're thankful to have a place to escape if even just for a few minutes.

“If it wasn't for the Mission for us to go to I don't know what anybody would do there is so many people that are homeless right now it's very unfortunate and if it hadn't been for this place we'd be in a really bad spot right now,” Guest Mary Thomas said.

The mission said they are also seeing more women and children showing up for relief then ever before. On top of bottled water the Mission is also in need of fans and monetary donations.

To donated, you can take items to the Mission or the Distribution center. It is located at 110 Q street. The Distribution center is located at 2101 N Street.