People’s City Mission needs help

The heat sure left its mark this summer. Especially on the People's City Mission. With numbers far over capacity, the Mission is running out of room and personal care items. The summer heat has led more and more people through the Mission's doors.

They need your help more than ever. Elizabeth Vasquez is just one of the faces you'll find at the City Mission. Vasquez came to Lincoln from Idaho hoping to support her husband who's been incarcerated.  With no where to stay she turned to the City Mission. “I've been here a week, didn't have nothing I have 2 babies, so they've helped give me a place to stay,” Vasquez said.

Vasquez now has a room of her own.  But not everyone is as lucky. Because of the summer heat Pastor Tom Barber says the number of people coming in and out of the shelter is unprecedented. They have enough room for 300 people.  On any given day they'll see up to 350 looking for a place to stay, causing the mission to be creative. “We're putting people in the chapel and in the lounges the men we been putting in the café on cots so it's been a busy time here,” Barber said.

It costs 12 to 13 thousand dollars a day to run the Mission. But with numbers well over capacity food costs alone are up 40 percent. So they're asking for your help. They need things like shampoo, soap and diapers, and even some of your time.

All things that will help the Mission carry out their mission: helping the homeless. “I don't think people understand how many people we house from the city, how costly that is. We get most of our money from the public, about 98 percent,” Barber said.

Again the People's City Mission could really you're your help.  If you have extra personal care items lying around the house. The Mission would be glad to take that stuff off your hands. If you have any items to donate, you can drop your items off at the distribution center at 21st and N. For more information can also call 475-6888 or go to