People’s City Mission sees record numbers

By: Newsroom

The effects of the severe summer weather conditions over the last week have left the People's City Mission in a state of overcrowding.  Last night, July 18th, the Mission sheltered a record number of people.  The Mission had 373 guests last night which is more than the previous record of 365 set last winter.  

With temperatures outside in the upper 90's and a heat index well over 110 degrees, Lincoln's less fortunate have turned to the People's City Mission in record numbers to escape overexposure to the sweltering heat.  Instead of turning people away, the overflow of guests have been sheltered in common areas like the chapel or guest lounges.  Last night the men's emergency shelter served 140 men.    That is 40% over capacity which meant 39 men slept on cots. The family shelter saw 173 guests which left 31 women and children on cots.  And with weather reports calling for temperatures to stay unbearably hot for the next few days, it is likely there will continue to be overcrowding.

But despite of this overcrowding, Pastor Tom Barber, the Mission's Executive Director, is urging for the communities support in encouraging and supporting all remaining homeless people to seek shelter. 

The People's City Mission is asking for community members to continue to strongly encourage anyone that needs emergency shelter to check into the Mission at 110 Q Street instead of taking chances in the heat.  

As the numbers soar so does the Mission cost of operation. Couple this with the current economic downturn and the situation has put a considerable financial strain on the Mission.  Pastor Tom Barber stated, “The Mission has never seen this amount of need for shelter before.  Not even in the coldest parts of winter.  And we think that we might have even more guests tonight.  The Mission is in great need of support at this point.  Whether it is a case of water to make sure our guests are hydrating or a financial contribution to defray some of the added costs we are seeing, we could really use the help.” 

 People's City Mission houses over ninety percent of Lincoln's homeless and has served the Lincoln community since 1907.  For more information or to speak to someone about supporting the People's City Mission please call (402) 475-1303 or mail your donation to:  110 Q Street, Lincoln, NE 68508.

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