Perlman delivers State of the University Address

Although times are tough the future looks bright for UNL.

That's according to UNL Chancellor Harvey Perlman who delivered his annual State of the University Address on Thursday.

The Chancellor included several jokes and famous quotes in his annual speech but also talked about the tough issues including the budget and areas UNL needs to work on.

“There are good days and there are bad days and this is one of them.”

Speaking to a packed house Chancellor Harvey Perlman gave his State of the University Address.

The address included praising the University for enrollment numbers, getting innovation campus underway and the generous amount of research dollars received.

He also touched on the budget.

Chancellor Perlman has said UNL needs to shave $5.2 million dollars from its 2 year budget but says it's hard to determine where those cuts will come from.

“Were looking at all areas of the University. Hopefully we can find places where one can achieve efficiently but you know after doing this after 7 years and now doing it the 8th year it becomes increasingly difficult to find programs that aren't critical to our success.”

Also a concern is Nebraska's overall budget.

Chancellor Perlman talked about further cuts to UNL as legislative committees are meeting to deal with what could be a $680 million dollar dollar budget deficit.

“We are concerned with the budget circumstances in the state of Nebraska but I think we have an extraordinary opportunity to the prosperity of Nebraska if they make the investment necessary for us to continue.”

Chancellor Perlman also touched base on Nebraska joining the Big 10 Conference.

He says merging academics and athletes with the universities already in the conference will only help UNL achieve more.