Pershing Center items for auction and reaction to what will fill it’s place

 Posted By: Reid Kilmer

It was the last day to purchase items from the old venue and take a walk down memory lane. Things from a disco ball, stage lights to basketball hoops were on sale.

Mark Stock an auctioneer for said the items hold a sentimental value for some.

“There’s a lot of folks who grew up going to events in the Pershing moved out of state and want to reminisce and or interested in buying some of the items being sold here so it’s unique.”

Even the scoreboard from the venue was ready to be bid on.

But as people looked at the items their emotions surfaced about what’s to come of the building.

 Marty Remmenga told us he wants it to stay.

“They need to keep this. This is a perfect venue for some of these different smaller acts that you know doesn’t quite fill Pinnacle but too big for out at Pinewood. You know this is a perfect venue. I wish it would of never gone.”

Steve Pejsar says he hopes something great will fill Pershing’s place. 

“I hate to see it go. I think it’s a facility that could have a use to the city so I ope someone will come up with a great idea.”

But with big brother pinnacle bank arena down the street. Lincoln has had large acts coming through town.

Stock said, “It’s bittersweet but you know a lot of people don’t like change but Pinnacle’s a great change.”

With no final plans set for the future of the space the possibilities could we endless.

If you have an idea for the future of the venue go to our Facebook page and let us know.