UPDATE: Lincoln woman killed in Van Dorn crash

Posted by: Kayla Bremer

A Lincoln woman was killed in a crash near 18th & Van Dorn late Tuesday night.  Police say several 911 calls came in reporting a passenger van speeding and driving erratically just before the crash took place. 

Twisted metal, glass and two mangled cars show the severity of the accident that happened Tuesday night.  Police say the driver of the van crossed the center line and hit a Nissan driven by 47–year–old Joyce Meeks who was just two blocks away from her home.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. George Weaver Jr. was right in front of her and said he saw his life flash in front of his eyes.

George Weaver Jr., a witness, described what he saw.

“I seen the 16 passenger van come off of 17th & Van Dorn off the top of that hill going eastbound and it was driving reckless so I pulled over, immediately pulled over.”

Police say the van was a state vehicle.  They say the driver was 35–year–old Jeremy Dobbe, an inmate at Community Corrections in Lincoln.  He's serving time for possession of meth. The Nebraska Department of Motor Vehicles confirmed Dobbe has two prior DUI convictions in the state.

They say his job was to transport other inmates for the work release program.

His injuries are not critical.  Police are trying to determine what exactly led up to the crash.

Just before it happened, George Weaver Jr. says he and Joyce Meeks tried to pull over get out of the van's way.  But she didn't make it in time.

“I feel like I have anxiety, like I don't even want to drive.  I just thank God I'm alive cause that could have been me and it's just traumatizing.  I just feel sorry for whoever is in that car right now,” Weaver said.

At this point, it's up to the county attorney's office to decide if Dobbe faces any charges.

“Charges related to the accident are pending.  We are still investigating details of the crash as well as interviewing witnesses,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Police did a blood test on Dobbe and say it could be a couple days before the results would be available.

In a statement issued Wednesday, Deputy Director of Corrections, Frank Hopkins said, “We are saddened by this tragic loss of life and express our deepest sympathies to Ms. Meeks' family.”