Update: Suspected Peeping Tom turns himself in

Surveillance images

Lincoln police say the man they believe was involved in a Peeping Tom incident at a clothing store has turned himself in.

Police released surveillance photos of a man caught with a video camera in a ladies dressing room inside Gordman's in Lincoln.  Lincoln Police Officer Katie Flood say 23-year-old Baxter Leuthje called the police department saying his picture was on the Gordman's Crime Stoppers story.  Officer Flood says Leuthje agreed to meet with an investigator.  He was interviewed, cited and released for unlawful intrusion.  Police say photo and video files on his phone were checked, but they no illegal images were found. 

Police believe Leuthje had videotaped a woman changing clothes in a fitting room inside Gordman's by placing a camera over the partition from the room next to hers.  Police say she noticed something strange in the mirror and screamed.  The suspect left the store.