Pilger tornado survivor reunites with her daughter

Posted By: Veronica Ortega    


After the devastating loss of her oldest daughter to the twin tornadoes that hit Pilger last June, a mother is back home with her youngest child.

Kandi Murphree was in a coma for a month when she woke to the news that her oldest daughter 5-year-old Cali had passed away. After her recovery she focused on getting back her surviving daughter, 4-year-old Robin, who had been taken to Alabama by her father.

Kandi spent months locked in a bitter custody battle with Robin’s father, but on Monday she was finally awarded sole custody of her daughter. That same day the family headed home to Nebraska. Robin told her mother that she couldn’t wait to be back home in Nebraska because of the snow.

“I have my baby back and it’s been a blessing for both of us,” says Kandi Murphree.

Kandi says she doesn’t remember anything from the devastating day that claimed the life of her daughter Cali, but after the happy reunion with Robin, she says they’re ready for a fresh start.

Volunteers banded together and are building a new two bedroom home for the family. Kandi says God and her angel Cali are making all of this possible. 

“It’s wonderful what the community of Pilger has done to make sure they saw me and my daughter again,” says Kandi. “It’s a small town, but it’s a wonderful town, yeah we got hit, but we are all survivors.”

Thanks to the community the cost of Kandi and Robin’s new home is covered, but the pair still need furniture. A fund has been set up at the Elkhorn Valley Bank in Norfolk.