Pinewood Bowl noise causes complaints for some


As they clear out the Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater in Pioneers Park, off of West Van Dorn, after another big concert.

Some residents have made clear their feelings about the concerts being too loud.

Like Scott Albertson a resident near the amphitheater who says “Well a little noise is one thing, but when I have to turn up the volume on my T.V.  because of a outdoor show that’s over a mile away, it’s too loud.”

But for some residents while they recognize that it is very loud they view it as an added bonus.

“It’s really not a big deal to us, it’s kinda nice free music to listen to. You can always sit outside just enjoy it and have people over. It’s a free concert,” says Michaelea Kreachbaum a resident near Pinewood Bowl Amphitheater.

While for some neighbors having a big concert nearby, even though it can be a bother, is just an everyday occurrence.

“For my wife and I we don’t really care all that much it’s one of those things where we just go, ‘oh what’s that, oh yea there’s a show tonight,” said Hayden Florom a near by resident

While Hayden and Michaelea both don’t mind the concert noise it can be an obvious problem like for Dustin Pearson who says, “The volume at most concerts is way above enjoyable almost always. I live just blocks from downtown and could hear the beck concert. You don’t need it that loud.”

While there are a lot of complaints there is no conversation as of right now on changing the decibel volume in the concerts.