Osborne: Pipeline ad agreement ends

By:  Newsroom

The TransCanada video ad will no longer play on the Huskervision screens during home Husker football games.

The ad features the oil pipeline company and the 1995 National Championship Husker team.  On Wednesday, Nebraska Athletic Director Tom Osborne issued the following statement:                                                                                     

“The athletic department has made the decision to end the sponsorship agreement with TransCanada. I want to make it clear that the athletic department has no position, either pro or con, regarding the proposed TransCanada Pipeline. Since the contract negotiated by IMG/Husker Sports Network was signed last April and approved by the athletic department, the pipeline issue has become very political.” 

“We have certain principles regarding advertising in the stadium such as no alcohol, tobacco or gambling advertisements. We also avoid ads of a political nature. Over the last two or three months the pipeline issue has been increasingly politicized. Our athletic events are intended to entertain and unify our fan base by providing an experience that is not divisive.”

 “TransCanada and IMG/Husker Sports Network have operated honorably and with best intentions and we regret making this decision.”