Pius students win Windstream contest

Posted By: Channel 8 Newsroom


Good news for some Lincoln teens at Pius high school. A video they made won a Windstream contest. It was all part of Windstream’s first ever Smart Tomorrow contest! 

It challenged high school students to bring their vision of the connected future to life. The team of 5 students was chosen by Windstream* for their short video called “Outside the Box.” The students who made up the winning team were Jacob Hotovy, Brody Rolfes, Andrew Shonka, Thomas Hanzl and Nick Korta. Their video focused on how technology could give us hands free strollers, door opening wrist scanners and other moving objects.

“This is one more opportunity for us to celebrate the tremendous intelligence, creativity and innovation that we have in our student body. Give yourselves a round of applause,” says principal Tom Korta.

The students will get $20,000 dollars to split between themselves. The Pius the Tenth Foundation will also get $20,000. The boys will also get a virtual learning session with a venture capitalist.