Platte, Missouri rivers threaten Plattsmouth

The Platte and Missouri Rivers are threatening the city of Plattsmouth and many residents and businesses are packing up.  To make matters worse, an underground pipe containing raw sewage burst Friday morning.

Several roads in Plattsmouth are underwater and this campground where John Adkins lives is hardly recognizable.  John and his wife, Kay, have lived in their home for 17 years and never thought they would have to abandon the life they built up because of flooding.  “Sandbags wouldn't help us where we're at.  We've got a levy around the house, but it's not going to be tall enough for this.”

The weight and pressure of the flood water caused a 24 inch sewer main to break and raw sewage is pumping into the water.  Crews will not be able fix it until the water recedes and the water table goes low enough.

City Administrator Erv Portis is warning homeowners who live in low lying areas to prepare for the possibility of sewage backups in their homes.  “We are months away from a solution right now”

Now many are wondering when the water treatment plant will flood.  Congressman Jeff Fortenberry toured the area on Friday.  He says, “It looks like the community's done a great job coordinating efforts to get the sewage treatment plant protected here and of course we're concerned that the water treatment plant that supplies drinking water for the community stays operative.”

Each day more water is released from the dams into the Missouri River, making many residents concerned that problems will only continue to get worse.

The flood is expected to peak next week, but it will take a while to go down.  The lost sewage line means the residents will be facing dank conditions for several months.