Plattsmouth gets help delivering chemicals to plant

The water treatment plant in Plattsmouth is surrounded by floodwaters and crews have had trouble receiving much needed chemical supplies. Tuesday the Nebraska Army National Guard helped out. Normally a truck takes this water covered road to deliver lime to the plant but now the only way the plant receives chemicals is by boat.

So the Nebraska Army National Guard black hawk helicopter delivered a crane to the rooftop of the plant to help get supplies to where they're needed.

“This is a dynamic event and circumstances change every day and our goal is to keep providing the best possible services we can and keep that water treatment plant operational and through this thing we'll be the result of one heck of a lot of work from our folks and some miracles from God,” Erv Portis, City Administrator said.

The news that the Army Corps of Engineers is reducing the water releases is welcoming…but it'll take months for the water to go down.