Pokemon Go causing concerns on public and private property

Posted By: Veronica Ortega


Pokemon Go is a worldwide phenomenon, but some are getting so lost in the game and forgetting where they are.

"We have had several complaints about trespassing on private property," Officer Katie Flood said.

One of the big problems, players roaming around when places are closed, like parks, the Lancaster County Youth Services Center, and even the State Capitol.

Lincoln Police recently issued a reminder on social media to tell people to be cautious while hunting for Pokemon. They say finding a pokestop or gym on private property or public property that is closed, doesn’t give you permission to trespass, and you could potentially face a fine.

"Just be smart and don’t get into a situation where you can either be struck by a car, or you’re not paying attention to your surroundings," Capt. Don Scheinorst said.

Wyuka cemetery is concerned with the sudden flood of traffic on their grounds. They say gamers have tried to drive through the cemetery during funeral ceremonies.

"The roads are thin and when we’re coming through with the hearse and family car there’s no where for our hearse to go," Kathy Clark-Klein with Wyuka said.

Wyuka officials say people on foot have been respectful but there’s been a few cases where people got locked inside after closing.

"It’s a big area so if they go through on foot we don’t see them," Clark-Klein said. 

They say they would prefer you walk thru the cemetery and you’re welcome to do so, because it’s open to the public, just be mindful that it’s a place of mourning and rest.