Pokémon Go capturing attention of nation

Posted By: Kelsey Murphy


Imagine one of your favorite childhood games coming to life.

The 90’s animated Pokémon characters are doing just that, they’re moving from the screens and playing cards to the real world.

"All you have to do is click on it and it pops up like it is in real life, so now it looks like it’s on the ledge in front of fuzz’s,” Gabriel Smail, Pokémon Go player, said.

Pokémon Go is an augmented reality game for IOS and Android phones.

"It’s a visualization of the real world with Pokémon on top of it and you can interact with them,” Chris Thompson, Game Room Owner, said.

In the game, you become the trainer and you catch the Pokémon.

"Gotta catch them all"

Your phone acts as a virtual window. As you walk around town your avatar walks with you until you come across a Pokémon.

"Got him," Smail, said.

The game is interactive with the city. In order to throw pokeballs you have to stock up on them.

"So you can run out of pokeballs? Yes, that’s when you go to the pokestops," Smail, said.

So what’s a pokestop?

They’re different landmarks around town you must walk to, to collect pokeballs.

Game Room, near 17th and O Street is one of them.

"And you just collect them like this," said Smail, stopping to swipe his screen to gather pokeballs.

While the game may seem innocent, interactive, and fun, some security and safety issues have been popping up across the nation. Such as tracking problems and physical injury caused by not paying attention.

"There are people out there who can take advantage of people like that in a close area, it could be a theft, assault or robbery; you can put yourself at high risk especially at night if you go to a landmark, Officer Matt Stegman, Lincoln Police, said.

But if the game is your destiny, go head and catch them all.