Police arrest NU volleyball player after hit and run

Lauren Cook

Husker volleyball star Lauren Cook and daughter of the head coach. is facing felony charges. Lauren Cook was arrested Sunday after police say she didn't' stop after causing an accident.

Police say it happened near 14th and Humphrey on the north side of Lincoln. Her father and coach went before reporters.

According to Lincoln police, the hit and run occurred just before noon Sunday as Lauren was heading to the stadium to meet with her trainer. “It's days like this I wish my kid was a sorority girl,” John Cook said.

According to investigators, Lauren Cook hit a 30-year-old man on a motorcycle while he was stopped on the side of the road. He has a broken leg and his passenger has several cuts. Less than 10 minutes later, about a half a mile away, police say Lauren called dispatch to let them know she had a shredded tire.

“She was not pulled over by police…she stopped and called 911. She tried to do the right thing,” John Cook said.

Police reports say Lauren thought she hit a motorcycle with the right side of her SUV, but panicked and didn't stop at the scene. Police arrested her for leaving the scene of an injury accident which is a felony, and driving with a suspended license.

They say she's had 6 speeding tickets since 2007. “There was no alcohol, no drugs. She wasn't texting and no way this an excuse..but an accident happened,” John Cook said.

After hearing about her arrest the first call coach John Cook made was to Tom Osborne.

“Well there was several things we talked about but ya know he's….if you've been around Coach Osborne he doesn't get too fired up and doesn't get too down. I mean that's…we'll work it out…we'll deal with it…and hear some ideas…he's like your dad,” Coach Cook said.

Coach Cook says he's not sure how this incident will affect the rest of the team.  But he hopes it will make them stronger. “It's not about x and o's it's about doing more than that especially at a program like Nebraska…but the great ones find ways to make it….turn it into a positive and strengthen the program and the team and bring them closer together…that's what great coaches do…hopefully I can go to that level,” John Cook said.

He says Lauren is still on the team…and if anyone subs for her it will be senior Brigette Root. The volleyball star did not appear in court Monday, she's expected to be officially charged sometime next week. Leaving the scene of an injury accident is a felony, and can get you up to 5 years in prison.

Lauren Cook's father, and NU volleyball coach, John Cook says that Lauren's status with the team is not known right now.