Police arrest teen in overnight store burglary

Posted By:  KLKN Newsroom

Police say a break-in happened at Hobbytown USA in north Lincoln early Thursday morning.  The hobby and toy store is located near 27th and Superior. 

Lincoln police say officers were called to the store after an alarm went off.  Police found the front door shattered, and no one inside.  After a search, police say they found the suspect hiding nearby.

“A 17–year–old teen male was hiding in the creek that runs west of the store. He was holding a remote control car box in his hands. He fled from the officer and was later located after a K9 track.”

The suspect was cited for burglary, and then lodged at the Youth Services Center on an outstanding warrant.  Police say the young man caused around $250 in damage and took $270 worth of items including a remote control car.