Police Crack String Of Lincoln Burglary Cases

The following is a news release from the Lincoln Police Department

Four Arrested in String of Burglaries

Arrest warrants were issued following an extensive investigation into a series of burglaries that plagued Lincoln in March. On March 8, 2009, Lincoln Police investigated 16 burglaries in Northeast Lincoln. We concluded that they were committed by the same person(s) based on the unique modus operandi. That M.O. generally involved entry through an attached garage through a walk-in door and then entry into the living quarters of the home.

Once inside, purses and wallets, as well as their contents, were taken. Just ten days later, 34 burglaries were reported in South Lincoln. Again, purses and wallets were removed fromhomes through entry from the attached garage. Detective Sergeant Luke Wilke closely monitored activity on the credit cards stolen from these victims.

The break in the case occurred when a stolen Visa card was used in Council Bluffs, Iowa. The transaction led investigators to Jerrimie Crippen, Robyn Fuksa, Bernadette Pereira and Brett Jay Crippen (Jerrimie's nephew).

Jerrimie, Robyn and Bernadette participated in the initial set of burglaries in Northeast Lincoln. Subsequent burglaries in South Lincoln were committed by Jerrimie, Robyn and Brett. We believe that two people would enter the home while the third party would serve as the “look-out”. All four individuals, from Omaha, face varying counts of Burglary.