Police Defend Actions In Fatal Crash Case

Lincoln police are defending themselves when it comes to a recent case.

Some say the police have failed to do more to keep Rick Turco off the street.

The 17-year-old, who has a dozen traffic violations, crashed his car into a tree, killing his friend.   

Police say the citizens need to know why he's not behind bars.

They say they are following the law.

Rick Turco doesn't deny he drove over a hill at 60 miles-per-hour, slamming into a tree.

15-year-old Megan Churchill was killed in the crash.

Then  Turco was caught driving on a suspended license days later.

But, he's out of jail.

He has since been charged with manslaugter, and ordered by a judge not to drive.

Chief Casady says if they stop someone without a license, regardless of what there past history is, they can't possibly go to jail.

Casady says people can blame the court system or the can blame the constition.

But, until he's found guilty of something there's nothing the police can do.