Police find car in Molotov Cocktail case

By: Hannah Paczkowski

For a little more than a week, the Capital City's been on the lookout for this 1998 white Dodge Neon. Police said it's the car used by suspects to throw four Molotov Cocktails around Lincoln.

“It's pretty disconcerting, that's gas and a bomb,” Toby Tyler said.

Now, police believe they've found the car.

“The car did have a car cover on it, but it had blown off revealing a white '98 Dodge Neon missing the passenger–side mirror,” officer Katie Flood said.

Police said they received a tip that the Dodge Neon was  near 50th and South Streets. They said it was called in by someone who reads “The Director's Desk”, a blog written by public safety director Tom Casady.

Casady posted photos taken of the car while passengers threw a Molotov Cocktail in the parking lot of St. Peter's Church March 26.

“It just goes to show the effectiveness of social media and putting out these images as quickly as we can to the public. The more eyes that can be out looking for the suspect or suspect vehicle the more quickly we can actually clear a case,” Flood said.

Thursday, investigators spoke with the owner of the Dodge Neon, but no citations have been given. Police said the owner is expected to turn himself in, in the coming days, which is something that will bring some people in Lincoln peace of mind.

“It really bothers me that they think that's okay to do,” Tyler said.

Police are still looking for more people who may be involved. To see Casady's blog, go to http://lpd304.blogspot.com/