Runners make long journey from Omaha to Lincoln

By: Kayla Bremer

Thousands of people ran from Omaha to Lincoln today in the annual Market to Market Relay.

It's a day–long team relay race that starts in Omaha's Old Market and finishes in the Haymarket.  Teams of 6 to 8 people ran various distances over the 78-mile long course. 

Runners came from across the country to do it and many say this relay is more about the experience than the actual running.

“I mean it's a great experience,” Amy Scarmon said.  “We had tons of fun.  It's really more about spending time with your friends and hanging out and the experience.”

Courtney Miller came from Chicago to run in the relay.  This is her fifth time running it with her friends.

“It feels awesome,” Miller said.  “Yeah it feels good.  It feels like we accomplished something as a team and it was really fun to do.”

The race ended near Haymarket Park.

There was plenty of food, drinks and music for the runners to celebrate crossing the finish line.