Police investigate ammunition/explosive devices found in student’s car

By: Hannah Paczkowski

When Sam Aldridge came home from school yesterday afternoon, his parents received an email from Lincoln Public Schools informing them that a student brought ammunition and “legal and illegal fireworks” to school.
“I was kind of surprised because we all just though it was a drug bust because those happen,” Aldridge said.

Police said school administrators found around 50 22-caliber rifle rounds in the student’s locker. After searching his car, they found another 150 rounds, plus some homemade explosives. No gun was found.

Police said another student tipped off staff. LPS said that is exactly what you’re supposed to do in that situation instead of relying on social media to get the message out.

“They didn’t get on social media and ramp anything up or start spreading any rumors. what happened wasn’t good, but the resolution was a very positive thing for us,” LPS director of security Joseph Wright said.

Police and LPS aren’t releasing many details, except that the student allegedly responsible is an 18-year-old male and he hasn’t been arrested. The school did discipline him, but they’re not releasing what his punishment is.

Even with all of this excitement, Aldridge said he didn’t have any problems going to school today.

“If there was a risk, we wouldn’t be walking around, we’d be on lock down or something for those things.”

Police are still investigating the incident. The fire investigator said it could take a couple of weeks to figure out what kind of explosives were in the student’s car.