Police investigating Northwest Lincoln crime spree

Posted By: Bayley Bischof Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

A handful of Northwest Lincoln residents woke up Sunday to find out they’d fallen victim, police said.

One of those is 20-year-old resident Sierra. She said she woke up Sunday morning to a police officer at her door, telling her someone broke into her car. 

"I came outside and I saw that my car was broken into," Sierra said. "Like smashed through the passenger window and my purse was missing."

Her purse, worth almost $200 was taken and the damage from her broken window adds up to $300.

"This was my first night, I just moved in and the first night staying here my car gets broken into, these are brand new houses. I don’t know why this street," Sierra said, 

There were three other car break–ins on that street, located near North 14th and Fletcher. Police said all had backpacks or purses in view.

The loss and damages total over $2,000.

But the crime spree in this neighborhood early Sunday morning didn’t stop there, police said. 

One crime has the residents of a home changing their locks, garage door codes and installing video cameras, the residents, who chose to remain anonymous said. 

"A 22 year old discovered her gray jeep was stolen from her garage," Officer Angela Sands said. 

The suspect entered their home, stole keys and two televisions, along with the jeep. All while the residents slept inside.

"The suspect was brave enough, brazen enough to enter this home while the residents slept and steal items from upstairs and downstairs," Sands said. 

The residents said they’re always sure to lock the doors and shut the garage door and don’t know how someone would have gotten in. Police said there were no signs of forced entry.

A second car was stolen from the same neighborhood. 

A 45–year–old man reported his  black Lexus Sedan was missing from his open garage.The car was unlocked with the keys inside.

Police are looking into whether these crimes are all related.

Iffier Sands said there are ways you can protect yourself.

"The biggest thing you can do to protect yourself and your home, is lock your home, secure your doors, shut your garage door and remove valuables from your vehicles," Sands said. 

Tips Sierra said she’s going to take very seriously from here on out.

"I’m definitely not going to leave valuables in my car," she said.


Police are investigating a series of crimes in a Northwest Lincoln neighborhood.

The crimes range from car break-ins to burglaries to auto thefts, all happening at homes near N14th street between Superior St. and 1-80.

The first in that crime spree is the theft of a 1998 black Lexus sedan. The victim reported the car was taken from an open garage near 10th and Morton St.

Police said the vehicle was unlocked with the keys inside.

It was later seen at Shaker’s, near Waverly, following employees around the parking lot, the Sheriff’s Office reported.

The same night, a 2016 gray Jeep Cherokee was taken from a home nearby.

The victim said the suspect entered her home while she was sleeping, took the keys to the jeep and two televisions and drove off. The victim and her roommate believed they closed the garage door, it was unclear how the suspect entered. 

There were also four car break-ins in the area. 

Police said all four cars had purses or backpacks in plain view, which could by why they were targeted. 

All four had windows broken out, three had items taken. The loss and damage totals more than $2,000. 

If you know anything about these crimes, police encourage you to call the department at 402-441-6000 or Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600.