Police investigating attempted child enticement

By:  Cole Miller

Police continue looking for the man who tried to talk some kids into getting into his car.

It happened right outside Roper Elementary School Wednesday afternoon.  Fortunately, the kids knew what to do.

We spoke with a mother whose two daughters were walking home for their first time and was approached by the man.

“And so they were walking towards my mother's house and they got like 2 blocks away and a guy had stopped and asked them if they could help him find his dog.”

That's when the girls, 5 and 9–years–old did the right thing. They started running.

“He drove away and she said that he came around the block and stopped them when they were crossing the street in front of them and told them to get in the car and don't be scared.”

They ran again, and safely made it home.  Minutes before that, the suspect also approached a 9 year old boy.  He also went home and told his dad.

Roper Elementary principal Tim Muggy says they all did just what they were supposed to.

“Something like this is scary. It's a difficult thing to talk about with kids because it's just a very sensitive thing and so it provides another opportunity, just another opportunity for us to address it once again.”

Police say they're taking this very seriously.  Here's the suspect:  A white man, about 30 years old, 200 pounds with a blond buzz–cut hair, and facial hair.

Police say he may be driving a newer silver Ford Mustang or Dodge Charger.

“I'm thankful that my children knew what to do in that situation but then on the other hand you think, if a parent doesn't teach their children things like this, what could happen or what the consequences could be.”

The principal says they teach kids four basic rules for walking home.  Know your route, walk in groups, don't talk to strangers and share any suspicious information with parents or teachers.

Police are continuing to look for the suspect.