Update: Police are investigating two high-dollar home burglaries

By: Kayla Bremer

Lincoln police are investigating two high–dollar home burglaries.

Police say a 90–year–old man and his 88–year–old wife were targeted by burglars Friday in broad daylight.

The husband, who wants to remain anonymous, says he was at work but his wife was at their home near 27th and Pine Lake working out on the treadmill when the burglar broke through an upstairs sliding glass door.

He says she never heard or saw anything until after the burglars got away with more than $13,000 worth of cash and jewelry.

“She feels violated and feels she really doesn't want to be around the house by herself,” the husband said.

Another house in southwest Lincoln was also broken into.

Police say the thieves rummaged through the home near Folsom and West A St. and took off with more jewelry and cash.

“A total of over $23,000 in property is missing from the home,” Officer Katie Flood said. “In that case, entry was gained through a sliding glass door.”

Police say there are no suspects and they're looking into whether the two burglaries are related.

The husband we spoke with says he and his wife have had to deal with a series of incidents over the last week.

On Monday, his wife got a phone call from someone claming to be from Lincoln Electric System who said they had an outstanding bill and their service would be shut off if they didn't pay right away.

Then Thursday, another phone call from someone posing as a Lincoln Police officer. The scammer said their son was in trouble but could be released if they paid $7,500.

The man says he insisted to talk to his son and realized then it was all a scam.

“I knew it was not him when I heard his voice and I said, 'you're my son?' and he said 'yes dad'. I said tell me my middle name and they hung up immediately.”

Police say if you get a phone call like either of these, never provide any of the information or pay any money, then hang up and report it to police.