Police K-9’s looking to call the range home

Posted By: Sarah Fili


There’s a special group of dogs looking for their forever home, but not the way you might think. This group is Lincoln and Lancaster County’s finest canines.

"Its the excitement of the different types of calls, other officers turn to you and look to you for you to help them on it so kind of dependability,” Officer Matt Pulec K-9 Mikey’s handler, said.

Any description of what these dogs do and how they do it would be just scratching the surface. Training these law enforcement officers requires a special set up.

"I think the most important part for us in training is changing environments. The more we can expose our dogs to changing environments the more dependable they are on the streets,” Pulec said.

Now that their human handlers have new training grounds northwest of Lincoln the seven Belgian Malinois are hoping to get some too.

"There’s been a demonstrated need for a training complex, a place where they can come together, begin their training, care for the dogs, house the dogs,” Chief Jeff Bliemeister said.

After years of wear and tear on their old training facilities, the seven dogs were left without a place to practice. They’re currently training all over the city, in old buildings and city parks. Now they’ll partner with the military again to build a new building on the same land as their newly opened shooting range. Where it is, we can’t tell you.

"The isolations is good and especially as the city continues to geographically expand and we want to be able to have a place where we wont put anybody in danger with the fire arms training, but also the k9’s” Bliemeister said.

To keep these noses in top-notch condition, no tax payer dollars are needed.

In fact, this unit is completely funded by donations, grants and savings.

These dogs, which are thousands of dollars, come to the department virtually untrained.

With their handlers they spend several months in narcotics and other training to make sure these partners work well together once they hit the streets.

As far as the new facility, they think it’ll be at least a couple of summers before it’s finished.