Veteran grave markers found; LPD looking to return them

Posted By: Channel 8 Eyewitness News 

It’s something that one of our local veterans says is an ongoing problem.

Graveside markers for Lincoln veterans.

But this time, there’s hope that the wrong, might be righted.

On Tuesday, someone found eight veteran grave markers in a field near 38th and O Streets.

They turned them over to the police, who say they are hoping to get them back to the right families.

Edward Schnable, who works for Lincoln’s American Legion post, says this isn’t an unfamiliar situation.

He says it happens all across Nebraska, and they’re taken for the metal.

"They’re taking them because the price of copper is so high nowadays that these are made out of solid brass or bronze which has copper in them, that’s what they’re stealing them for,” Schnable said. “They aren’t going to use them, they just want to melt them down and get the money for them."

While it may be just about the money to the thieves, but for the veterans, these signs, can mean everything.

"When you sign up you’re signing a blank check,” Schnable said. “Willing to give your life for your country, and this is just one way we honor those veterans. I would say don’t do it. Don’t even think about it. If you need money, come see me, most veterans would be glad to give you a few dollars. Don’t take a symbol of our service."

The police are hoping loved ones come forward to claim the grave markers.

Schnable said that’d be the only way to get them back where they belong as cemeteries don’t keep track of which gravesites have the markers.

If you notice your loved one’s gravesite is missing it’s marker, call the Lincoln Police non-emergency number 441-6000.


On Tuesday, eight Veteran grave markers were found in a field near 38th and O streets and turned over to the police. 

LPD is asking the public to contact them if they notice a marker missing from their loved ones grave.

You can call the police department’s non-emergency line at 402-441-6000.