Police: Lincoln woman scammed out of thousands

Police say a Lincoln woman was scammed out of $20,000 after she was told she was the winner of a sweepstakes. Tonight we hear from her by phone about her experience.

Police say it all started with a phone call.  They say an 83 year old Lincoln woman got a call from a Miami based law firm telling her she'd won thousands of dollars and they were in charge of her winnings.  It turns out a scammer was actually using the law firm's name to make it look real, in case someone did some background checking.

The woman ended up sending over $22,000 in prepaid money cards. She said she should have followed her gut instinct in the first place. And these types of scams are more common then you might think.

A Lincoln based group called Triad is helping inform seniors about protecting themselves against scams, frauds and identity theft.  Lily Hans is the groups coordinator.  “You really can't say it often enough if it sounds to good to be true it's probably a scam,” Hans said.

Hans says you'll never need to send money to receive a cash prize–or gift  For the Lincoln woman she says she hopes her story will prevent others from getting scammed.

For more information from Triad, call 441-7743.