Police Looking For Assault Suspect

A Lincoln family is looking for answers.

They're hoping you may know who assaulted their son in downtown Lincoln more than a week ago.

Lincoln police say 34 year-old Aaron Obermier was out on O street Friday May 26th, into early Saturday morning.

At around 1:30, he got into an argument with another man that turned violent.

The ordeal left Obermier with critical head injuries.

Now, his family wants your help in finding out who's responsible.

Aaron Obermier has spent the last week and a half at Bryan LGH West.

He was on life support for nine days.

Now, his condition is improving.

Though Aaron is still in intensive care.

The scene looks a lot different now.

Police say Obermier got into an argument with an unknown white male, who punched him.

Obermier immediately lost consciousness.

His head hit the pavement.

The suspect fled before authorities arrived.

Now, police are hoping people who may have seen anything will come forward.

The Obermier's say they're very grateful their son is still alive.

Doctors had to do surgery on Aaron's head.

He suffered significant brain damage.

But, as the days pass, they say he's showing signs of improvement.

If you have any information about the incident,  you're urged to call crime stoppers at 475-3600.