Police looking for man involved in armed robbery

By: Ashley Harding

What started out as a typical work day, quickly turned terrifying for the employees at the National Pharmacy, after a man walked in and robbed them at knife point.

Julie Trembley was working at the grocery store next door. She soon realized something was wrong. “I was just walking past the check stand when one of the ladies from the pharmacy ran in and told us to call 911. There was a man in there with something over his face,” said Trembley.

Police say the man had threatened an employee and demanded they hand over drugs. They say he made off with nine bottles of prescription pain meds. “He left on foot, but may have got on a bicycle and left eastbound from this location. We have no suspects,” said Captain Joseph Wright with LPD.

Randolph Elementary School, which is just a few blocks away from National Pharmacy, was forced to go on a lock down for a short time. Police says it's a precaution when a suspect is in the area.

Police say the man is in his 40s. He's about five-foot-six with a slim build. They also say he was wearing a nylon stocking over his head at the time of the robbery. Police say he was seen riding a light blue, ten speed bicycle.

Some say they'll sleep better when he is caught. “He terrified a lot of people. That could've been us if they wanted money rather than drugs, so it's very scary. It puts things into perspective,” said Trembley.

Again, officials say he's about five-foot-six, was seen riding a light blue ten speed bicycle, and anyone with information should call police immediately.