Ex-fitness center owner faces fraud charges

David Meisinger

By:  Ashley Harding

A former fitness center owner is facing fraud charges after police say he sold fake gym memberships knowing his business was closing.

Lincoln Police Officer says 59-year-old David Meisinger was ticketed Tuesday.  Meisinger used to own New Image Fitness located near 44th and O Streets in Lincoln. Police say Meisinger closed the business in December, but in the days leading up to the closure he still sold memberships to at least seven people.  Police say Meisinger gained more than $1100.

“The day after the business closed, he discovered that his business was burglarized. During the burglary report he claimed that his security system was stolen. A security system valued at over $600,” says Officer Katie Flood.   Flood says the security system was never stolen. It had been removed from the building several months before. Meisinger faces seven counts of theft by deception, insurance fraud, and providing false information to police.