Clerk threatened in convenience store robbery

By: KLKN Newsroom

Police are still searching for two suspects after an early morning robbery.

Two men with scarves over their faces walked into a Kwik shop and demanded money from the clerk behind the counter.

The call came in just before 3:00 Monday morning from the Kwik Shop on 14th and Adams.

Lincoln Police say two 16-20 year old, darker skinned males with scarves over their faces entered the store.  One of the men approached the register and pointed a small dark object at the clerk.  Officers say the clerk could not say for certain whether or not the object was a gun.  One of the robbers demanded money and threatened to shoot the clerk.

Police say at the same time, the other male stole cigarettes and alcohol from the store.

Authorities say the two men rushed out of the store across 14th Street and through several neighborhood backyards.  So far police have not been able to locate the suspects.

Again, police are looking for two 16-20 year old males with darker skin and buzz haircuts.  At the time of the robbery they wore black and white scarves over their faces.  One of the men was wearing a dark shirt and jean shorts.

If you have any information, police urge you to call Crimestoppers at 402-475-3600