Police searching for suspects in fatal Lincoln shooting

Posted by: Laura Wilson

LINCOLN–The Lincoln Police Department is still trying to figure out what led to a shooting, inside a home near 20th and Euclid, that left one man dead, and another man in critical condition.

Police responded to a report of eight gun shots inside the home just after 3:30 Monday afternoon.

After arriving on scene, they discovered one man dead inside the home and another seriously injured.

A dog was also reportedly shot and injured, but we have not been updated on his condition.

This all happened around the time Colleen Selvage, who lives a few doors down from the crime scene, says she was driving home from work.

"As I was coming up the street here on 20th, there was five or six police [cars] and I saw the tape,” Selvage explained.

By Monday night, police had made no arrests and were searching for two male suspects.

"There is a risk right now.  We need to find this person.  Anybody that has information that could help us locate the people involved in this shooting—we would like them to come forward," said Captain Bob Farber, with the Lincoln Police Department.

Alicia Johnson believes she and her husband caught a glimpse of those suspects, while waiting to pick up her step–daughter from school.

"We saw these two guys heading down the street, heading south and one of them branched off into the alley and the other one kept going.  They looked really nervous and on edge,” Johnson recalled.

Prescott Elementary is just around the corner from the crime scene, and was put on a lockout shortly after the shooting. 

Even some nearby middle school students, who were walking home from school, were brought inside as a precaution

"I heard a gunshot over there and then I heard the noise of the police sirens coming.  They were starting to yell, ‘it’s a lock down, everyone come inside,” said Middle School student Syndi Raley.

Fortunately, all students and faculty were reported safe and uninjured.  

We spoke with some residents nearby who say the rest of the neighborhood is also safe, despite Monday’s fatal shooting.

"We’ve seen a lot of concerning behaviors-a lot of traffic that comes in and doesn’t stick around very long.  This wasn’t a matter of if, this was a matter of when,” said Selvage.

“It was between those individuals.  It’s not them against the neighborhood or them against people that live here,” she added.

Authorities tell us three kids, all under the age of five, were inside the home when the shooting happened. 

Fortunately, none of them were hurt.

Police were also able to safely escort the family, living in the upstairs apartment of the home, outside around 6 p.m. Monday night.

Investigators expect to be at the crime scene all night.