Police Standoff Suspect In Jail

The Lincoln man accused of threatening to shoot his ex-girlfriend, and who kept police at bay for three hours Wednesday is behind bars.

Authorities are releasing new details about his condition.

Lincoln police say  they're done evaluating 24-year-old Michael Dicken…but aren't releasing any further details at this time.    

An evaluation was ordered after Wednesday stand-off, because authorities thought Dicken was suicidal.   

It all started around Noon Wednesday, when Dicken went to Hamilton College to find his ex-girlfriend,  36-year-old Leslie Towne.   

Witnesses say she was having a smoke break, when Dicken walked up and pointed and cocked his gun at the woman.   

She called 911..and after a high-speed chase with Lincoln authorities, Dicken finally hid out at a home at 2735 E Street.    

It took two hours for a negotiator to talk Dicken into surrendering.   

He's currently behind bars and will appear in court Thursday at two o'clock.