Police step up patrols to combat rear end crashes

For many of you, it's one of your biggest pet peeves, someone right on your back bumper. Well, Police are doing something about it! Almost one third of the traffic accidents in Lincoln are rear end crashes.  For the next six weeks more Southeast team officers will be along Highway 2 from 48th to 87th and South 70th from “O” to Van Dorn. Last year during that time they had more than thirty crashes in those areas.

“You can get pulled over just for following too closely. We're going to do our best to pull over whoever we see following too closely and educate them,” Sgt. Ed Sheridan said.

Even if you're driving the speed limit along Highway 2, which is 45 miles per hour, it will take you half a city block to stop your car.  Longer if you're distracted.