Police warn residents about door-to-door scam

Posted By: Kayla Bremer

Lincoln Police say look out for a new scam making its way around the city.

One of the victims of the recent magazine scam is 84–year–old Colleen Atwater. She says she was taking out the garbage at her home near 22nd and Van Dorn when a man approached her, asking her to buy magazines. She says he was kind and very well dressed, so she agreed to buy a subscription. She wrote a check, then later found out her $24 had been changed to more than $2,000.

“I went in and started to write it out and then he called and said, ‘no, now use this pen,'” Atwater said.

She doesn’t know exactly how the amount was changed, but thinks it may have had something to do with his pen.

“I did think about it a little bit later because you know, there is a lot of crime.”

Police say Atwater isn’t the only one who’s been targeted. Three incidents of fraud have been reported so far this month, mainly in south Lincoln. They say the scammer tells people he’s selling magazines to try to turn his life around.

“One woman bought a magazine subscription to National Geographic thinking that it would actually be donated to The Boy’s and Girl’s Club,” Officer Katie Flood said.

Police say the three women wrote checks between $22 and $46, but they are being cashed for $2,800.

To keep yourself safe from fraud or a scam, officers recommend that you ask a salesperson for a peddler’s permit because they are required for door–to–door sales in the city.

As for Atwater, she says she’s surprised by the scam, but is lucky because she got all her money back.

Police say more than one man is involved in the scam.

If anyone comes to your door, be careful who you give money and information to.