Polls are open; lines in some precincts

Posted By:  Sabrina Ahmed

Polls are opening across Nebraska so voters can answer the final and most important poll on who they want to be president and who they want to represent them in Washington and Lincoln.

The polls opened at 8 a.m. Central and 7 a.m. Mountain Tuesday and are scheduled to close 12 hours later. Just before the polls opened, about 20 people were waiting outside the voting station at Walt Disney Elementary School in southwest Omaha.

In Christ's Place Church in Lincoln, lines were not as long.  Many say voting is the best way to express your opinion.  Voters say those who choose not to vote are not taking advantage of a privilege many people around the world don't get.

“It's a freedom and I think you're really losing out if you don't take that freedom,” Steve Tuckerman of Lincoln said.

Republican Mitt Romney is expected to handily win the state, although there's a chance President Barack Obama could repeat what he did four years ago and take the electoral vote for Nebraska's 2nd Congressional District.

Bob Kerrey returned to Nebraska to run again for the U.S. Senate. Republican state Sen. Deb Fischer is his opponent.

Coverage of the election on ABC begins tonight at 6:30p.m.  Keep it on KLKN-TV, we will bring you updates on local races and live reports from campaign headquarters.