Popular Drug Vioxx is Pulled from Shelves

One of the most popular arthritis drugs in the nation is being recalled. Makers of the drug Vioxx decided to pull it off the market after studies found it could have fatal side effects. After a three year study it was found Vioxx can cause heart attacks and stroke. A voluntary recall is now in place, a recall that affects millions of people who use it.

Vioxx was a blockbuster drug when it was introduced in 1999, giving patients with arthritis the relief they need without the stomach problems of other medications. One Lincoln woman, Becky Dittmer said, “I panicked when I found out, because it's the only drug that works.” Becky has been faithfully using Vioxx for four years. She has terrible arthritis in her shoulder and elbow from a car accident. She says since using Vioxx she's been pain-free, and never has had problems with side effects.

For now patients, like Becky, will just have deal with the pain or seek other alternatives. If you are taking it contact your doctor immediately. We'd like to mention that the company that makes Vioxx is giving refunds to patients. For more information call 1-888-368-4699.