Pork lovers unite for first annual BaconfEAST

By: Lauren Fabrizi

Pork lovers across the capital city came out for the first fundraiser of its kind at the Lancaster Event Center Saturday.

“All you can eat bacon!” Drew Bigham said.

“They had some really unique things and everything tasted great,” Angela White added.

The Food Bank of Lincoln in collaboration with the East Lincoln Business Association put on the event called BaconfEAST. 1,000 people across the city came out to satisfy their bacon cravings.

“We were trying to find something unique that also lincolnites could really enjoy,” organizer Susan Kirkpatrick said. “And somebody brought it up, 'hey why not bacon?' So here we are.”

Bacon sandwiches, tacos, pastries, donuts… you name it! 26 vendors throughout Lincoln battled for the coveted Bring Home the Bacon culinary award. Each vendor was given 30 free pounds of bacon from Hormel.

Cappy's took 1st place with their Snickers bacon melts. Along with a trophy came a check for $500 from the Nebraska Pork Producers.

“Good feeling, we never really entered anything before so to win something is pretty cool,” owner John Caporale said.

People also had a chance to put their bacon–eating skills to the test. Tommy Wheatley, 21, proved he could eat a pound of bacon faster than 10 others in less than 10 minutes.

“I'd do it again and definitely not eat for a few days beforehand,” Wheatley said.

Organizers estimate the event raised between $8,000 and $10,000 for the Food Bank. They say they hope it's the start of a new tradition.