Possibility of spring game, among other athletic events, discussed at Face the Chamber.

Posted By: BriAna Campbell

UNL Assistant Athletic Directors Marc Boehm and Matt Davison spoke at the Face the Chamber luncheon Wednesday.

Following their speeches, the pair took questions from the audience.

Naturally, the first topic was the spring game

"We’re on the…completely on the upswing with the spring game sold out," said Boehm.

He also briefly mentioned whether there will be a possibility of a second one yet this year. 

"Shoot, Bill and Scott talked about having a second and third spring game, so I truly think that’s in the works, so stay tuned," said Boehm.

Questions also popped up about the chances of either Husker basketball team going into tournament play. 

"I think right now to be very honest, the women probably have a little bit more upside as far as getting into that thing than the men," said Boehm.

Davison also touched on what is expected from the new football recruiting class.

"We need guys that are willing to be unpopular with their teammates and hold them accountable, and we’re starting to see that a little bit," said Davison.

He also talked about the attitude toward the upcoming season.

"I see guys that want to win, I think we have guys that said you know, last year was no fun and we want to be better," said Davison. 

The next Face the Chamber luncheon will be March 14,, with Governor Ricketts as the guest speaker.