Possible dog poisonings concern Animal Control

Posted By: Sarah Fili


Animal Control is investigating if two dogs, found dead in Havelock, were poisoned.

"It had just basically been playing earlier and it was laying there and it was dead. Now the concern there, the cause of death could have been a lot of things but with the discussion going on in the neighborhood about the possibility of dogs being poisoned, they became concerned with that,” Steve Beal, Animal Control manager, said.

They say they’ve been flooded with calls about the suspected poisonings in the neighborhood. One of the dogs was cremated before an animal autopsy could be done- meaning there’s no sound proof it was poisoned. They encourage pet owners to be vigilant, and watch for symptoms like strange behavior, fatigue and vomiting.

"There was some issues wit the kidneys as i understand it but again there was no necropsy so what we learned from that was that was there was some suspicion that the dog could have been, could have ingested some poison," Beal said.

Two young boys, whose grandmother gave them permission to speak with us, say they worry about their pups.

"They cant go outside because someone might throw over the poisoning [into our yard] and probably when I’m done I’ll have to go outside and two of my dogs are dead,” chase and Jaydin, Havelock residents, said.

Animal control says they don’t get many of these calls, but since they have gotten two in such close proximity they chose to investigate.

They say they’re still following up on leads and doing interviews.