Possible expansion to P Street construction

By: Brittany Paris


Cones, dirt, traffic, construction. It’s all part of an effort to beautify P Street by widening sidewalks and putting in plants. But the work hasn’t come without obstacles.

“Parking is getting crazy downtown, on P Street especially,” a Lincoln resident said.

Most of the project, which stretches from 11th to Centennial Mall, has to be completed by the end of August. But the city now wants to tack on some extra work, expanding it east to 17th Street, expanding the headache for some drivers.

“It makes it 10 times worse with just people not knowing where they’re going or anything with general direction downtown,” a Lincoln woman said.

Businesses in the area have mixed feelings. One saying the current construction is taking long enough. But some don’t have a problem with it.

Ploughshare Brewery opened a week ago. It’s between 16th and 17th Streets on P. Matt Stinchfield, manager, says he hopes they do expand because the project will give them the opportunity for outside seating. “We’re excited to be a part of the P Street modification. We’re looking for an improved sidewalk streetscape and it’ll be good for us if we can have a little room, bring some outside seating to the sidewalk,” Stinchfield said.

But the expansion is not a done deal. City Council members will talk about it on Monday and a public hearing will be held on August 4.