Post-Christmas Shopping

It's the second busiest shopping day of the year right behind the day after Thanksgiving.

Wednesday, many decided to get back into those long lines, to return some Christmas gifts and buy some new ones.

After black Friday….today is the day registars ring off the hook, and although the aisles weren't quite as packed as the day after Thanksgiving shoppers were out today because many had the day off and the deals spoke for themselves.

Customers were pouring through the check out lines of Super Target, and items were getting packed into bags.

Gift cards were the currency of choice.

Some of the most popular areas of the store include the toy section and electronic area….where many were picking up some new presents.

But with busy holiday purchasing comes busy holiday returns, something Super Target comes to expect each year.

What did most customers have in their hands once leaving through this doors, holiday decorations that were more than half off.

Ornaments, wreaths and santas were the hot items, most of them at least 50-percent off.

That's where shopper Emily Skorupa picked up some things for Christmas next year.

Many stores in Lincoln will have extended holiday hours through the weekend.

But for Super Target, they will be open until 11 Wednesday night but will return to regular hours Thursday.