Post Offices Are Seeing More People This Week

Some postal officials said Monday is their “Super Bowl.'' It's the busiest mailing day of the year. And if you don't plan accordingly, your packages may not make it to your loved ones in time for the holidays.

The mailing rush is on. People are lining up with packages and letters in hand hoping to ship them off to their loved ones just in time for the holidays. Holly Fankhausen and her friend are sending over 70 care packages to their fellow soldiers over in Kosovo. But with these long lines and the far destination, they admit it may be tough.

The post office has a few tips to ensure your gifts make it under the tree in time for the holidays. They recommend you use sturdy packaging so you're items don't break. Also know what you need help with before you go to the counter. This will speed up those long lines. Make sure you put your return address on your package. And most of all, don't wait to the last minute. If you use priority mail this week, it should take 2 to 3 days. Next Monday officials urge using over night service.

The post office has extended its hours all this week. All locations will be open until 6pm. On Saturday it will be open until 1pm.